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Dining away from home can be a challenge for those managing food allergies and intolerances or special dietary needs. As a registered dietitian, as well as a mother of children with food allergies, I am always on the lookout for a safe place to eat. This site came about due to the necessity of finding restaurants receptive to serving customers with food allergies and special dietary concerns. Our goal is to increase the awareness within the restaurant community so that we may once again experience the freedom to dine away from home.

This site is to be used as a reliable guide. It does not guarantee a safe dining experience. Chefs, menus and policies change regularly. Verify all information for yourself.

Archive for June, 2009

Wild Willy’s Burgers!

Wild Willys Burger on a GLUTEN-FREE Bun

Wild Willy's Burger on a GLUTEN-FREE Bun

The Wild Willy’s Burgers  in Worcester, Watertown and Needham, MA, and South Portland and York, ME offer gluten-free burgers and fries!   They have beef hamburgers and grilled chicken that can be served on gluten-free, dairy-free hamburger buns.  Along with that, are the hand cut french fries that are cooked in a dedicated fryer.  Read the rest of this entry »

PF Chang’s China Bistro

pf changs

Flourless Chocolate Dome

PF Chang’s China Bistro is very accomodating when it comes to special diets such as gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian and other food allergy needs. They have a gluten-free menu and upon request can print out a dairy-free one.  Some of the dishes are naturally gluten-free while others must be modified.  This, of course, makes it very important to alert your server or even ask for the manager to be sure you get the correct recipe.  Read the rest of this entry »

Five Guys – Burgers and Fries!

At  Five Guys  you won’t find salads or chicken here, just burgers and fries.  All of their menu items are gluten-free with the exception of the hamburger buns.  So you will have to order the burger bunless, but it is good to know that they cook the meat on dedicated grills to decrease the risk of cross-contamination.  The buns are toasted on their own grill. The fries are made on location and have no dairy, wheat or Read the rest of this entry »

Julie’s Ristorante in Ogunquit, Me.

Gluten-free ravioli
Gluten-free ravioli

If you are visiting the “Beautiful Place by the Sea” make sure you stop by Julie’s Ristorante .  Located on Route 1 in Ogunquit,  this establishment offers gluten-free appetizers, entrees and desserts!  They have a gluten-free menu showing some of their offerings such as chicken wings, garlic sticks and chicken tenders as well as lasagna and chicken parmigianaEverything is made to order so the staff is very receptive to adapting the menu to meet one’s dietary needs, when possible.

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Allergen friendly spots on the Cape

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Cape Cup in Orleans on beautiful Cape Cod is a great place to get a gluten-free snack.  A cup of coffee, salad, soup or muffins – choose one, choose all – they have gluten-free choices available.  Some are dairy and egg-free too.  Soup and muffin specials are offered each day. Some examples of the soups commonly served are vegetarian soup, gazpacho, vegetarian chili, chili con carne, savory steak and sweet potato. Read the rest of this entry »

Bar Louie – Allergen Friendly!

     Bar Louie Tavern & Grill  is ideal for the most “Hip & Urban” adults, but at the same time, it is welcoming to families too (they have a kids’ menu).  Though I don’t fit into the first category, I would still like to visit this restaurant to try food from their gluten-free menu.  There is also a helpful allergen information page on the website.  In addition to the eight most common allergens, it also lists MSG and sulfites.  Read the rest of this entry »

My Gluten Free Bakery, LLC

     Located in Jefferson City, MO., My Gluten Free Bakery , is a dedicated gluten-free baking facility that was opened by a woman after she and a family member were diagnosed with Celiac disease.  She felt that her community was lacking an allergen-friendly bakery, so she opened one!  She bakes an assortment of biscuits, breads, muffins, cookies, pastries and cakes.  Read the rest of this entry »

Organic, Vegan Food at The Pulse Cafe~CLOSED

Formerly known as Vej Naturals  in Malden, The Pulse Cafe has changed their location in addition to their name. They are conveniently located in Davis Square in Somerville and still serve “delicious, organic/natural, vegan food at reasonable prices”.    They are open for dinner Tuesday through Saturday and serve brunch on Sunday.  Read the rest of this entry »

Angelo’s Ristorante-Delicious, Made to Order, Allergen Friendly Italian!

Gluten-free pizza from Angelo's Ristorante
Gluten-free pizza from Angelo’s Ristorante

Angelo’s Ristorante  in Stoneham, Ma., serves gluten-free pasta and pizza!   The crust is dairy-free as well and is made with rice flour, tapioca starch and potato starch (contains soy and egg whites).  The crust is purchased through French Meadow Bakery . This helps decrease the  risk of cross-contamination because each crust is partially baked in it’s own tin where it remains until it reaches the customer.   

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